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⋆ La Femme Blush Palette ⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

⋆ La Femme Blush Palette ⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

I am teaming up with Camera Ready Cosmetics again to bring you this review about the La Femme Blush Palette. They sent me some beautiful eyeshadows from La Femme last time, and I am very lucky to have the chance to try out the best-selling blushes – in an all-in-one, 12-pans palette! Thank you Camera Ready Cosmetics so much! Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude.

     La Femme Blush Palette (retails for $50.00) features 12 powder blushes range from cool pinks to warm browns in both matte and shimmery finishes. All 12 shades are available individually as refillable pans (retails for $3.50 each) from a complete collection of 40 blush shades. If you think this blush palette is too overwhelming for you, then you can always purchase only the colors you like. The palette itself is refillable, and you can easily depot each pan by using a toothpick to poke the small holes in the back. The thin, lightweight black packaging looks very professional and travel-friendly. This is a big palette, but it actually does not take up too much space for storage.

The textures of these blushes are bit dry and powdery to the touch, but they blend out beautifully once you apply them to the face with makeup brushes. These blushes also contains the richest pigments I have ever tried from a blush formula. I suggest that you go light-handed with the application because a little really goes a long way. The blushes are finely melted just like their eyeshadows, and they translate smoothly on my skin without any patchiness or emphasizing skin textures. The swatches below might look dry and not very smooth, but trust me, they look absolutely gorgeous on the skin. 

I did 3 different looks to demonstrate 3 different blush applications.

  1. The Sunburn Blush Look – I applied the bright red shade Red across my cheeks and the bridge of the nose to mimic a natural sunburn. This is a very fun and adventurous blush look.

  1. The Casual Blush Look – This is how I wear my blushes most of the time and it is universally flattering. I applied the cool pink shade Mulberry to the apples of my cheeks and all the way to the cheek bone. The area is on tops of the contouring, and this application has a face lift effect.

3. The No-Contouring Blush Look – Skip the contouring/bronzing products, use only the blushes to sculpt the face. First, I used the brownish beige shade Soft Beige on the areas where I usually contour my cheeks. Then I applied the apricot shade Naturelle to the apples of my cheeks. Finally, use a blush brush to blend the 2 shades together to complete this No-Contouring Blush Look with only blush products. 

I first heard of the La Femme Blushes from watching the celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss’ YouTube videos, and he complimented highly on these blushes. Now I have tried them myself, I have to say that they do live up to the hype. The retail price for each pan at the price of $3.50 is such a good deal. It is professional level of high quality makeup at the drugstore price. I enjoy La Femme Blush Palette very much, and I think it is both versatile and practical. I will continue to play with it for the unlimited possibilities.

Long before I partner up with Camera Ready Cosmetics, I have been a customer of theirs because of their unique selections and exclusive brands. I am so grateful to be able to work with the company that I genuinely admire. Here is the complete list of the brands that Camera Ready Cosmetics carries in their store, and I also screenshotted some of the best-selling items from their site.

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