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Lunar New Year Makeup ⋆OFRA Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow with Americano Bronzer, Rodeo Drive Highlighter, Blissful Highlighter, 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer, Beverly Hills Highlighter, California Dream Triangle⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

Lunar New Year Makeup ⋆OFRA Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow with Americano Bronzer, Rodeo Drive Highlighter, Blissful Highlighter, 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer, Beverly Hills Highlighter, California Dream Triangle⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

I am teaming up with Camera Ready Cosmetics again to bring you this review about the OFRA Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow. They are incredibly generous to send me this beautiful gift, and I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to work with the Camera Ready Cosmetics. This palette literally lightened up my start for the incoming new year. I have always been a huge fan of OFRA Cosmetics products, and the fact that I am owning this palette is like a dream come true!

      OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- On The Glow (retails for $110.00) features six full-sized best-selling OFRA Cosmetics highlighters and bronzers: Beverly Hills Highlighter, Rodeo Drive Highlighter, Blissful Highlighter, California Dream Triangle, 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer and Americano Bronzer. All six shades are available individually (retails for $29.95 ~ $39.95 each). The palette is designed to create a bronzed glow, and the shades are universally flattering on all skin tones. In addition, you can also use these shades as eyeshadows to complete your look.

      The palette comes in a sturdy, black cardboard case with a magnetic closure and a small mirror included. It is about the same size as a book, and the packaging looks very professional. I love the embossed designs of OFRA highlighters and bronzers, and I think they are gorgeous and innovative.

The texture of OFRA highlighters and bronzers are silky soft and buttery with rich pigmentations. Although they are kind of dusty to the touch, they apply beautifully on the face without any chalkiness or patchiness. The formulas of these highlighters and bronzers are amazing! They blend into the skin seamlessly, and they can be diffused out/layered up easily.  It does not feel like I applied powdery products to my face, but it is more like an intense, luminous glow from my own skin. The overall contouring effect is stunning, and my skin textures/pores were not emphasized while I was wearing them. You can also apply them with a light hand for a more natural luminosity and even mix them up to create your personal customized shades.

The shade description from OFRA website:

  • Beverly Hills Highlighter (a golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and pinky-peach)
  • Rodeo Drive Highlighter (universally flattering sun-kissed, soft gold)
  • Blissful Highlighter (luxurious golden-bronze highlighter with rose undertones)
  • California Dream Triangle (a matte bronzer, a matte blush and a shimmer bronzer/highlighter)
  • 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer (Multi-toned warm matte and shimmer bronzer shades and a cool toned bronze highlighter)
  • Americano Bronzer (warm bronzer with a shimmer finish)

I also swatched each part of these three “multiple shades in one” highlighters and bronzers individually.

Here is my full face Lunar New Year Makeup created using OFRA Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow. I used the marked highlighters and bronzers on my cheeks for the ultimate holiday glow.

For the eye makeup, I did a soft neutral look that emphasized on adding depth to my eyes and nothing too intense. I already knew that I was going to wear bright red lipsticks, so I wanted my eyes to be on the soft side instead of taking away the attention from my lips and cheeks.

I took a lot of picture for this look because I loved it so much!

Happy Lunar New Year to you all! Wishing you a prosperous new year!


Overall, I love all six shades from OFRA Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow, and I think it is a versatile, all-in-one palette that satisfies all your needs for glowing skin. The formula is fantastic, and the palette basically guarantees a good makeup day. I know this is a very expensive palette, and it is one of those items that worths every penny. Plus, you can also purchase the individual pans that best suits your makeup personality!

Long before I partner up with Camera Ready Cosmetics, I have been a customer of theirs because of their unique selections and exclusive brands. I am so grateful to be able to work with the company that I genuinely admire. Here is the complete list of the brands that Camera Ready Cosmetics carries in their store, and I also screenshotted some of the best-selling items from their site.

If you are interested in buying anything from Camera Ready Cosmetics, here is my affiliate link –  Camera Ready Cosmetics (I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase! Any supports would be greatly appreciated!)

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