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⋆ Crazy Merman Brush Soap ⋆ Review

⋆ Crazy Merman Brush Soap ⋆ Review

I am teamed up with Camera Ready Cosmetics to bring you this review about Crazy Merman Brush Soap. They are so kind to send me the soap and other amazing products, and I really appreciate their generosity. Click here to read the other sponsored review about ⋆ La Femme Eye Shadow Pans, Sparkle Dust, and Lip Stains ⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES.

The CRC site describes the brush soap as “Crazy Merman’s handmade brush soaps begin with a cruelty-free, vegan base of natural ingredients and essential oils. Their fusion of coconut and olive oil removes makeup from natural and synthetic brushes, leaving them luxuriously soft, clean and conditioned. Because of their lack of harsh chemicals, Crazy Merman soaps are also perfect for cleaning beauty sponges and other tools.”

I picked the lavender basil scent which is a relaxing herbal scent; they also have three other scent – Guava Fig, Calla Lily, and Unscented. The vegan based brush soap infused with essential oils is very mild and gentle. The soap lathered well and rinsed up quickly without any residues left on the brushes. My brushes were not only felt clean after the wash, the bristles were also conditioned. I used the brush soap to wash my beloved Sigma Mr.Bunny brush set that I have been used for years with the help of the Sigma 2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove (you can also find these two products on the Camera Ready Cosmetics site).

Here are the steps for cleaning makeup brushes:

  1. Wet the brushes and circle around the surface of the soap to get a little bit of the product (you do not need too much, a little really goes a long way).
  2. Move around your brushes on the Sigma 2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove in a circular motion until lathered (you can also use your palm if you do not have anything as the scrubbing tools). Then rinse up the brushes under running water.
  3. Gently squeeze out excess water, and lay down the brushes on a clean paper towel to dry.

Overall, I like Crazy Merman Brush Soap a lot because it felt much more gentle and easy to rinse up compared to other brush soaps I have tried in the past. The scent is great which makes my brush cleaning process more enjoyable. I wash my makeup brushes after every use, so I believe it is essential to find the right brush soap for my routine.

Long before I partner up with Camera Ready Cosmetics, I have been a customer of theirs because of their unique selections and exclusive brands. I am so grateful to be able to work with the company that I genuinely admire. Here is the complete list of the brands that Camera Ready Cosmetics carries in their store, and I also screenshotted some of the best-selling items from their site.

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