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⋆ Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II – The Sublime Eye Palette‎ ⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

⋆ Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II – The Sublime Eye Palette‎ ⋆ REVIEW & SWATCHES

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II – The Sublime Eye Palette (retails for $125.00) is one of the 3 permanent eyeshadow palettes that blew everyone’s mind since their launch. Pat McGrath is well-known for her innovative creativities and artistic expressions. She has always been a trendsetter and an inspiration for the makeup community. I was so excited when I first heard about her Mothership palette collection. Then I waited patiently for the annual Sephora 20% off sale to get my hands on it. This is a very expensive palette, in fact, it is one of the expensive beauty items I have ever splurged. Nonetheless, The Sublime Eye Palette is worth every penny!

The packaging feels exceptionally luxurious. The palette comes in an envelope type of box that allows you to access the palette easily compare to the traditional box packagings. I think it is designed this way so you can continue to use the envelope to store and protect your palette. The compact is heavy and sturdy with a black and gold mirror/metal finish. The mirror inside is faceted like a jewelry piece. On the back, there is a fascinating quote saying:”use without caution, shade throwing and eye ecstasy may result with prolonged use.” The shade names are printed on a separate sheet.

The shade description from Sephora website:

  • Skinshow Glow (champagne pink pearl)
  • Copper Toned (soft reddish brown)
  • Iconic (neutral bronze gold)
  • Rose Dusk (soft reddish mauve)
  • Dark (rich warm brown)
  • Xtreme Black (ultimate black)
  • Bronze 005 (metallic warm brown)
  • Astral Ghost Orchid (white iridescent with pink)
  • VR Nectar (peachy pink with gold pearl)
  • Blitz Emerald (blackened green with lilac pearl)

All the shades transferred nicely to my eyelids and stayed without creasing for about 9 hours with eyeshadow primer.The 6 neutral-toned shades on the left all have a velvety, creamy, and blendable texture. Their pigmentation is buildable with a medium to opaque coverage. They are the type of shades you can use on the everyday basis, and they are perfect for pairing with the 4 specialty shades on the right to create limitless possibilities.

I want to talk about the 4 specialty shades individually because they are just so unique and surreal. The brand suggests using fingertips or wet brushes to apply for the maximum color payoff.

  • Bronze 005 (metallic warm brown) – This vivid coppery gold has an uneven surface, the pigmentation is insanely rich. The formula is a bit chunky due to its large sparkles.
  • VR Nectar (peachy pink with gold pearl) – It is a duo-chrome rosy brown with a peach/pink shift. The color payoff is semi-sheer, and it is more of a sheen finish. The texture is a little dry compared to other shades. I cannot stop staring at my arm when I swatched this shade, and it had so many variations under different lights.
  • Blitz Emerald (blackened green with lilac pearl) – This jewel-toned deep emerald green is out of this world! The pigmentation can be built up to opaque coverage, and application is very smooth. It looks a little duo-chromy with the lilac pearl and the blackened-brown base. The micro-glitters seem multi-dimensional. It is the most delightful green eyeshadow I ever encountered!
  • Astral Ghost Orchid (white iridescent with pink) – Another surreal duo-chrome shade that is screaming out Pat McGrath‘s name. It has a pink/violet shift with a white base. Similiar to VR Nectar, the texture is a little dry and the color payoff is a semi-sheer type of sheen. This shade can be applied as a glitter top coat on top of other eyeshadow shades to change their tones.

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II – The Sublime Eye Palette is definitely one of the makeup items that are worth investing. The shade selection is gorgeous, and the 4 specialty shades are just magical. There might be dupes for similar shades, but the formula and texture of these shades are one-of-a-kinds. If I could afford the other two palettes in this collection, I would go out and purchase them as soon as possible.

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