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Update: Hi guys, I finally updated this review. In hindsight, I should not do this kind of lengthy post anymore.

New skill learned: Less is More!

I uploaded all the swatches and makeup looks (basically the complete photo portion of the review) because I am still working on the writing part.

One picture is worth a thousand words, and here are LOTS of pictures!

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that includes 4 to 5 beauty items (varies from makeup, skincare, fragrance, haircare, and tools based on your personal preference survey) for $10 a month including shipping and tax. All the items come in an exclusively designed cosmetic bag. There are also detailed tutorials and exclusive offers for each product on Ipsy site. Ipsy is available in both U.S. and Canada (additional $5 fee applies).

The makeup bag itself was pretty awesome, and it reminds me of Skinnydip when I first saw the preview. The material of this bag was thinner than I expected, but I love it anyways. There was even wrapping paper included, Ipsy really stepped up their game.


Item #1 

Royal & Langnickel MODA™
Royal & Langnickel Precision Angled – FULL SIZE! Value $? ( I could not find this individual brush on their site)

Royal & Langnickel makes professional art materials and the company also makes makeup brushes now! I have tried a couple of their Omnia collection eyeshadow brushes before (thanks to another monthly beauty box that I am subscribed to),  and all their brushes were amazing for blending and precise application. The quality speaks it all. The bristles were nice and soft; they just made me fell in love their brand.

Ipsy currently offers 20% Off Any Purchase with code Ipsy20 at Royal & Langnickel.

Item #2

Jelly Pong Pong
Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric– FULL SIZE! Value $22.95

The eyeshadow duo features a metallic copper and a metallic gold with an orange undertone. Both eyeshadows are creamy to the touch and have velvety finishes with a gorgeous sheen. The pigmentation is buildable, and I did not experience any fallouts or creasing.

The Eyeshadow Duo retails (FULL-SIZE 2g / 0.07 oz.) for $22.95 at Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics. Use code IPSY20

to get 20% Off Any Purchase

I love the way the Ipsy team put powder products into with bubble wraps to avoid potential breakage.

Swatches are shown in indoor natural light and flashlight. I used Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay as the base for the swatches and eye makeup.

For this eye makeup, I added a taupe shade as the transition color and also a matte deep plum at the outer corner of the eyes. I used Royal & Langnickel Precision Angled to blend out the transition shade.




Item #3 

Caked Makeup
Lip Fondant in Low Key– FULL SIZE! Value $ 16.00

This liquid lipstick is my favorite product of the month, and I was so lucky to receive this. The packaging is way too cute. The company really got me Caked. It lives up to its glamorous description “lightweight, moisturizing, super saturated”. The shade is described as a “dusty, muted terracotta that pulls either pink or red, depending on your natural lip color.” As for my lips, it turned out to be a mauve toned deep pink. It looked very flattering on lips.  The consistency is watery, and it dries completely matte. It also has a strong cake batter scent, this could be a downside for some people but I liked it.  The staying power was excellent (please please scroll down to see how I prove it), my lips felt comfortable and nondrying over a prolonged time of wearing.

The Lip Fondant retails (FULL SIZE 7 ml) for $ 16.00 at Caked Makeup. Use code IPSY30 to get 30% off Any Purchase.

Swatches are shown in indoor natural light and flashlight.

I applied one thin layer to get that “I-just-ate-a-popsicle” vibe. The finish looked velvety and soft.


I also applied more layers for “a more intense, punched-up pout.”


This lipstick has some serious staying power. There was only a tiny bit of fading on my inner lips AFTER I ATE A GIGANTIC BOWL OF PHO.

(Taken by iPhone 6S front camera. I just want to prove my point.)

Item #4

Urban Decay
Afterglow in Sin – DELUXE SIZE (2.4 g)! Value $9.18

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am a die hard fan of Urban Decay, and words cannot describe my joy for receiving their products. This highlighter is a metallic champagne-hued color with tons of glitters. The powder felt creamy and very pigmented. It is definitely not a “glow from within” type of highlighter, it is rather blinding/sparkling. I love the dewy finish and the color a lot, but I did notice the highlighter emphasized my pores and skin texture. Maybe I should go a little light handed next time, or maybe I should have better skin. In the end, this is my second favorite item from this bag.

The highlighter retails (FULL SIZE 6.8 g/0.23 oz) for $26 at Urban Decay (as well as many other major cosmetic retailers, basically anywhere). No special offers at this time.

Swatches are shown in indoor natural light and flashlight.

       I am glowing~~~




Item #5 (the last but not the least!)


Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray – SAMPLE SIZE (0.75 oz/22ml)! Value $3

The hair spray worked as an alternative to traditional leave-in conditioner for more convenience and modern day busy lifestyle.  I tried other conditioning hair sprays before, and I just felt like they were not doing anything other than adding some sort of scents.  I have extremely coarse and damaged hair, a lot of conditioning and treatment are need on a daily basis. I really liked this product because my hair felt instantly nourished, and the detangling process got much easier. The subtle tropical scent is pleasing and it did not overpower my fragrance. This Leave-In Conditioning Spray is definitely a win as I continued my long journey of exploring good hair products.

The Leave-In Conditioning Spray retails for $20 (5fl. oz./147ML ) at Briogeo. Use code IPSY20 to get 20% off any Briogeo Purchase.

Full face look. We are nearing the end!



The total value of these 5 items from May Ipsy Glam Bag added up to $51.13 + the precision brush. This month’s bag is pretty amazing in terms of both the value and the product quality. I enjoyed all the items and I am looking forward to purchasing more products from the brands I have tried.

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